Сlean power & smart protection for your AV-system!

3-layer protection against unstable AC power

11 AC outlets for digital & analogue equipment
3 aerial & cable sockets
2 USB charging points for mobile devices

Filtering of AC-power line disturbances, which cause a sound and video degradation


What is so special about it?

Power Output

11 power sockets, 3520 Watts, 16 Amps. Enough power to supply even very complex stereo system or home cinema. Two power sockets made especially for power amplifiers. And still enough power left to charge your smartphone/tablet! :)


During dangerous peaks/falls of power our unit will immediately disconnect equipment to prevent damage to it. After two minutes equipment will be switched back on. Small electric pulses will be filtered ‘on-the-fly’, won’t disturb you during listening music or watching movie.


POWERGRIP YG-1 can switch power socket groups one by one, delivering power in a soft way, avoiding momentary power peaks and unpleasant clicks heard through speakers. All groups can be set individually.


Our filtration system detects and suppresses even small noises over power supply lines which can ruin your listening experience. This level of filtration will also extend the life cycle of your equipment by providing clean power.


Power console could be switched ON/OFF from smart home control system (V.1 – by 12 V trigger, V.2 – by RS232 interface). It could control other devices with 12 V trigger support.


The brushed aluminum front panel will match the aesthetics of your other Hi-Fi equipment and will be at home in your Hi-Fi cabinet or shelves. The Powergrip YG-1 will also easily mount in 19” racks and the convenient power sockets layout help to avoid cable mess.


Outer and inner look of the YG-1 console

Technical Specifications

Power supply characteristics:

220 V 16 Аmp (AC) / 3520 W

Number of outlet sockets:

11 programmable sockets (divided into 6 groups)

Extra protection means:

Coaxial lines (satellite, cable, antenna line)

Energy indicator:

6220 J

Maximum peak current:

187000 A

Voltage range values for emergency power supply cut-off:

: ≤ 190 ± 4 V / ≥ 256 ± 4 V

Characteristics of USB-ports:

5 V, 2 А (cumulative current value of two slots)

Includes 19” racking fasteners for easy installation

Detachable 1,5m power cord (optional 3m power cord is also available)

Trigger for 12 V: inlet and outlet

Overall dimensions (W х H х D):

440 x 150 x 405 mm


10 kg

В версии 2:

Реализована возможность выбора сценариев включения и выключения, позволяющих менять задержки между группами.

Интерфейс RS232 позволяет внедрить консоль в системы управления (Control4, Crestron, AMX и т.п.). Работает через переходник RS232 -> jack 3.5 (в комплект не входит).

Tests & Reviews

Date: 06/07 – 2015


Author: «What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision»

Model: Powergrip YG-1


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The POWERGRIP YG-1 power supply console was designed and developed by Barnsly Sound Org.

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