Clean Power Unit

Powergrip yg-1

Powergrip YG-1
High capacity
3.680 Watt, 16 Amper. This is sufficient to ensure the power supply of the most complex stereo system or home theater. Two sockets are specially designed to connect power amplifiers.
11 AC Socets
This quantity of sockets divided into six groups and installed on the face- and backplate is sufficient to con-nect all components of the home entertainment system.
And more...
3 coaxial jacks to protect cable and satellite TV systems 2 USB power ports which can be used to connect auxiliary devices or charge a smartphone
Powergrip YG-1
Voltage 190 - 256V
Capacity (at 230V) 3.680W
Rated current 16A
Protected lines
220V AC Socets 11
AC line types Analog, Digital, High Current
COAX lines ANT, Cable, SAT
USB power supply 2 outputs: 5V, 2A
Emergency limits ≤ 190 ± 4V / ≥ 256 ± 4V
Peak current 187.000A
Setup and control
Manual control Multifunctional button on face-plate
ON/OFF scenarios Adjustement of delays between socket groups
12V trigger IN / OUT
RS232 integration Control4, Crestron, AMX etc.
Package includes
AC power cord 1.5 m (optionally - 3 m)
19” rack mounts Included
General data
Faceplate material Brushed 8mm aluminum
Overall dimensions (WxHxD) 440х150х405 mm
Weight 10 kg
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